How does sleeping with the air conditioning on really affect us?

I remember with pleasure the trips I made with my family as a child, where we frequently rented the same apartment on the seashore every season. The first thing I did, when entering the room, was to turn on the air conditioning that would keep my brothers and me fresh during the time we were resting from the beach since the heat in the area could be suffocating at times.

When it was time to rest at night, one of my brothers used to want to leave the air conditioning on. Still, our parents flatly refused, as they assured us that it was entirely detrimental for our health, however, when we grew up, we realized that on the one hand, they were quite right, as air conditioners have been shown to tend to worsen respiratory problems such as asthma and some types of allergies.

Besides, with these devices, it happens the same as with most things and, again, we hear the voice of our mother saying: everything in excess is wrong. Also, it is essential to know that the body temperature gradually decreases during sleep at night, reaching its lowest point at approximately 5 in the morning, so it is highly recommended to condition the room at a temperature that is not too low to avoid a severe shock upon waking up in the morning.

The temperature levels recommended by many doctors, depending on the outside temperature of the house, are about 24, 25 or 26 degrees Celsius, which is why many manufacturers have incorporated a special function for the night called Sleep, which is in charge of adjusting all the parameters of the device automatically, such as increasing the temperature progressively, varying the fan speed and even turning off the appliance after an estimated time and then turning it on again if it considers it necessary.  

In general, be careful with sudden changes in temperature, since they are considered, most of the time, harmful to anyone, mainly when they are caused by a refrigeration system such as an air conditioner. Currently, the high temperatures that are being registered worldwide are putting thousands of lives in danger, reaching a maximum temperature of 39 degrees Celsius in Madrid, even causing the death of several people.

Also, let us remember the importance of avoiding staying too long exposed to sunlight, even if we have applied a little sunscreen, as well as having good hydration, being recommended to drink 2 to 2.5 litres of water a day, as well let’s not be thirsty, as it is an indication that we are slightly dehydrated. This is why, to avoid such an extreme temperature shock, it is recommended to set your air conditioner to approximately 24 degrees Celsius at night.

Now, a recent study by the California Department of Public Health exposes the different diseases and symptoms related to the use of air conditioning at home. Still, it also points out the benefits of using one of these refrigeration systems. To counteract the effects caused by heat strokes that we are going through in recent times.

This study talks about the “sick building”, a syndrome that refers to allergy and asthma problems caused by air conditioners that began to be studied several decades ago, when there was an increase in respiratory problems, nasal congestion, fatigue and headaches among air-conditioned office workers and excessive cold.

However, we cannot assure that everything that surrounds air conditioners is disadvantaged since they are devices that protect us from the suffocating summer heat, helping us to avoid anxiety, tiredness and irritability, among others, in addition to maintaining an atmosphere correct in the room will help us to better fall asleep and rest much better having a more restful sleep.

On the other hand, the study ensures that, by doing regular maintenance on the device, it is guaranteed that the air quality will not be affected, especially if, from time to time, you change the air filter.

Furthermore, another study carried out by the National Institute of Health revealed that, while a group of people slept with active air conditioning, they significantly increased the level of adipose tissue found in the body of the adult human being in tiny portions. , called “brown fat”, which brings multiple health benefits, since it has been shown to help burn calories and eliminate high amounts of sugar in the blood, among other virtues.

In conclusion, it can be affirmed that sleeping with the air conditioning on is not entirely a bad thing since, in effect, it gives us several benefits that have been demonstrated. What is recommended is to make fair use of these devices, using them only when necessary and with a balanced temperature, avoiding at all times aiming the airflow directly at the body at night or excessively lowering the temperature to avoid extreme shock when leaving from the room the next day.

In this way, you will not only take care of your well-being and that of your family by enjoying a refreshing air conditioning, but you will gradually contribute to avoiding or stopping the increasing environmental pollution and greenhouse effect, making entirely rational use of this type of household appliances, since, the more we abuse its operation, the more we become unaccustomed to high temperatures and, in turn, the less prepared we will be for the extreme climates that we will reach in the following years, as long as we do not worry from this precise moment and take actions to change our customs and disproportionate ways of using the thousands of air conditioners that are currently actively operating in the world.

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